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    Radianz Quartz is a composite material that takes inspiration from the exquisite beauty of the natural stone and brings into equation the power of modern technology, creating an elegant, versatile and durable surface. Samsung technology transforms the polymer resins and the pigments, mixed with 93% quartz, into a high-quality surfacing material.   The defining characteristic of Radianz Quarz are the faceted quartz particulates that add depth and volume to the surface. Available in more than 25 colors and in several quartz sizes, Radianz Quartz compliments any type of interior design.  

     Why a Samsung Radiantz Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen or Bath?

    Radianz Quartz is the obvious choice for your home or commercial building for a variety of reasons: a wide range of colors and designs, functionality and durability.   Composite materials such as Radianz Quarts are dense and heavy, thus more durable than natural stone. Also, the surface is non-porous and doesn’t need regular resealing. The perfectly shiny surface or Radianz Quartz means less maintenance, less bacterial growth and easy cleaning.   Radianz Quartz surfaces are impact resistant, heat resistant and very hygienic. Also, due to the nature of the composite material – polymer resins, pigments and quartz particulates all mixed together – the color of the surface is consistent and will last for decades, without showing signs of discoloration.  

    Where you can use Radiantz Quartz

    Thanks to its aesthetical and technical characteristics, Radianz Quartz makes an ideal choice for virtually any type of surface in residential or commercial buildings:

    • Kitchen countertops, table countertops;
    • Floors (kitchen, bathroom, hallways, stairs and more);
    • Bathroom countertops, shower walls, vanity tops;
    • Windowsills;
    • Public washrooms;
    • Wall surfaces;
    • Bar tops, table-tops for restaurants, bars, café shops;
    • Food preparation areas;
    • Reception desks;

    Radiantz Technical Specifications:

    Radianz Quartz slabs come in ¾” and 1 ¼’ thickness, standard width of 60 inch and standard length of 122 inch. Various types of edges are available, depending on your preferences: straight, round, bevel, half bullnose, full bullnose, ogee, cove ogee, stair tread or waterfall.

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