Maintaining the Beauty of Granite Countertops

Maintaining the Beauty of Granite Countertops

What’s more enjoyable than admiring a bright and radiant vanity or kitchen countertop of granite splendor? Keeping it looking like it was installed yesterday!

There are many common misconceptions about granite, marble, and/or quartz pieces. Granite is a naturally occurring stone formed in places such as caves. Harsh chemicals do not belong on them and abrasive sponges are never recommended. There is no high-end formula you would need to purchase to keep your granite tops and vanities looking pristine.

Whatever stone you favor (granite, marble, or quartz), each has its own beauty to display. However, it is important to follow basic cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for all of them. Keep it simple.

For daily countertop maintenance: In a plastic spray bottle, mix one or two ounces of mild liquid dish soap and water. Spray your granite tops and wipe down with a damp dish cloth, making sure all mixture has been wiped away. Dry the granite using a microfiber cloth (or similar) to avoid streaks or patches. Do not use cleansers with acid (including natural remedies like lemon juice) or chemical added abrasives.

With a little love and attention, your granite or quartz countertops will beam with shine for years to come.

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