Kitchen Remodel – Things to Consider…

kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel – Things to Consider…

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

There are many factors you need to take into account to achieve a space that is both beautiful and practical: your personal style, your family’s lifestyle, the quality and durability of cabinets and materials.

The kitchen is often the most used room in the house. This is where the day begins with coffee and breakfast, and where everyone gathers at dinner time to prepare meals, do homework, socialize and hang out. Creating a space that makes cooking and cleaning as easy as possible but is also stylish, inviting, and allows people to bond and interact, should be the top goal for any kitchen redesign.

Here’re what we think are the main practical issues that need to be addressed when remodeling your kitchen:

» Your personal style

Everyone wants a kitchen that is beautiful and reflects who they are. Whether country chic, sleek contemporary or timeless classic, you should not have to compromise on this one. A wide variety of cabinetry and finishes at different price points will allow you to create just the look you want. However, do not over design. Not everything has to be perfectly matched or themed to get the feel you want for your kitchen. Good consistency of style and thoughtful details are often enough to accomplish the look you want. Another thing to consider is changing trends and tastes. For example, if you really like red, use that as the accent color or the wall color, not the cabinets or countertops. Then you can easily change and update in the future without too much of a dent in the budget.


» Functionality of your Kitchen Design

When it comes to the functionality of your kitchen, you should not compromise. A good flow and well planned layout will make your kitchen user friendly and save your time and energy. Thinking ahead of the best possible layout is an important step of any kitchen remodeling project. Small details, in the end, make a big difference to how well your kitchen functions. For example, place the dishwasher close to the sink, the plates rack cabinet next to the dishwasher, the condiments rack right next to the cooking area, pots and pans storage close to the stove, plan for countertop space next to the oven, and so on. At the end of a long day, you will be glad you can finish chores faster, because your well planned kitchen allows you to.

» Your family’s lifestyle

When planning your kitchen remodel, first and foremost consider how your family will use the space. If you are a young family with small children, shiny lacquered cabinetry may be great looking, but not ideal if you have to constantly wipe off fingerprints. Do kids do their homework in the kitchen? Make sure they have adequate space and lighting. Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies? Consider green cabinetry and building materials. Do you cook a lot? Implement good ventilation to avoid the entire house smelling like a restaurant parking lot. Not much of a cook? Invest in a better/larger fridge and microwave than in a large stove. Build your requirements list carefully and consult a kitchen designer to help you design the most practical and beautiful kitchen for You!

» Quality and durability of cabinetry and materials

Your kitchen cabinetry is likely the most used and abused in the house. Poor quality cabinets will soon show it! Better choose materials that pass the test of time – scratch and stain resistant countertops, sturdy cabinets, durable floors. Your kitchen remodel may cost a little more right now, but in the long run it is a wise investment.

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» Ready to remodel your kitchen? Let us help! Contact us for a free design consultation to explore how beautiful and practical your kitchen could be.

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